Thursday, July 8, 2010


So now on with the story...

As they looked at each other in astonishment Alexis suddenly heard a crunch. All of her necromancer instincts went into action. Her wand tingled in her hand but she was too surprised to think of a spell. Sietse pushed her off of him.

"Don't look at its eyes," he hissed, "It paralyzes you!"

Suddenly Alexis understood. All this was fear. Her spells popped back into her head. The spider's pincers crushed the ground with sickening crunches but she was ready. With one motion she summoned a wraith.

The spider, sensing her magic, reared back and then came forward. But her wraith, although half the size of Alexis, sliced out in front of him and caught the eyes of the spider. The spider hissed in pain as her wraith continued forward.

With a last struggle of life the spider slammed its pincers into the ground and hit the wraith. He dissolved into smoke before my eyes and Alexis stared at it, somewhat stunned, for a mere second. In that second Seitse jumped out, as if flying. He had a fat stick in one hand and slammed it into the tottering spider.

The spider screamed in pain and fell finally dead. When Alexis looked back on the scenes she felt she should have been grateful but Seitse hadn't even been trained for fighting. He didn't even have a proper weapon.

Seitse stood by the spider with a grin as big as his face. It soon faltered when he saw Alexis' face and she stomped forward.

"What in all of Wizard City were you thinking?!" She yelled at him.

"You needed help," he answered as if it were all that simple.

"Not from you," She shot back, "Another zap from my wand and it would've gone down."

Seitse scoffed and Alexis heard a sound behind him. The rustle of fabric and the distinct shape of a head were all she saw. It was enough.

Her attitude shifted immediately, "We need to get out of here,"

Seitse looked dumbfounded, "Why? The most evil of all forest creatures is gone!"

"We've got a bigger problem," Alexis spoke quickly, "Come, we can teleport back to your house.

As she said it her wand let out a flood of skulls. Just her luck.

Seitse's face turned to being scared and he turned on his heels and ran.

Just then the grinning face of malistaire moved out from behind a tree.

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