Thursday, July 8, 2010


So now on with the story...

As they looked at each other in astonishment Alexis suddenly heard a crunch. All of her necromancer instincts went into action. Her wand tingled in her hand but she was too surprised to think of a spell. Sietse pushed her off of him.

"Don't look at its eyes," he hissed, "It paralyzes you!"

Suddenly Alexis understood. All this was fear. Her spells popped back into her head. The spider's pincers crushed the ground with sickening crunches but she was ready. With one motion she summoned a wraith.

The spider, sensing her magic, reared back and then came forward. But her wraith, although half the size of Alexis, sliced out in front of him and caught the eyes of the spider. The spider hissed in pain as her wraith continued forward.

With a last struggle of life the spider slammed its pincers into the ground and hit the wraith. He dissolved into smoke before my eyes and Alexis stared at it, somewhat stunned, for a mere second. In that second Seitse jumped out, as if flying. He had a fat stick in one hand and slammed it into the tottering spider.

The spider screamed in pain and fell finally dead. When Alexis looked back on the scenes she felt she should have been grateful but Seitse hadn't even been trained for fighting. He didn't even have a proper weapon.

Seitse stood by the spider with a grin as big as his face. It soon faltered when he saw Alexis' face and she stomped forward.

"What in all of Wizard City were you thinking?!" She yelled at him.

"You needed help," he answered as if it were all that simple.

"Not from you," She shot back, "Another zap from my wand and it would've gone down."

Seitse scoffed and Alexis heard a sound behind him. The rustle of fabric and the distinct shape of a head were all she saw. It was enough.

Her attitude shifted immediately, "We need to get out of here,"

Seitse looked dumbfounded, "Why? The most evil of all forest creatures is gone!"

"We've got a bigger problem," Alexis spoke quickly, "Come, we can teleport back to your house.

As she said it her wand let out a flood of skulls. Just her luck.

Seitse's face turned to being scared and he turned on his heels and ran.

Just then the grinning face of malistaire moved out from behind a tree.

My World

I wrote this when I was working and I thought it might be worthwhile to share here...

Welcome to my forest; it's a wonderful place to be. I love it but I'm going into shock. I've been up here for around three weeks I live in a technology ditch. There's no TV, no cell phone service and, worst of all, no internet. My chracter's pet is waaay behind.

But this is my forest and where my story takes place for me. The forest around her is thick in some parts but other parts are burnt. They remind me of Dragonspyre. A few years ago a fire swept very close to where I am now but if you turn around it's lush and green. Here I live inside but the bungies around here are a lot like the houses in Zecta.

There's a lot more people here than in the village but with all the children around it's as magical as any place with faeries

So welcome to my forest, my real life wizard world. I hope you find your own magic from wizard101 because I have, and it's amazing.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Friend?

His leafy wings seemed to perk up a little. The boy seemed to suddenly wake from his slumber and look at me for the first time. He looked at Alexis with a cocky smile.

"You need my help huh?" He said leaning on the earthen wall, "Well that's not going to come for free."

The sudden change in attitude caught Alexis off guard, "What do you mean exactly? You were ready to run out of here with someone you looked like a minute ago."

The boys face dropped but she continued, "You'll get payment enough if you come with me."

His face dropped more and he walked away softly, "I can't, I must take care of my grandmother," then he walked slowly away, "You can stay until morning."

Alexis was left staring at the small hut. She looked around a little noticing the small fire place in the corner and a small makeshift mattress on the floor. It was covered will a weaved blanket and she walked over and sat. The earthen hut was earily quiet and the only noise heard was the pounding rain outside and the unevenly spaced claps of thunder.

She listened intently and wished for a moment she weren't alone. She wondered what Malistaire was doing. She wondered if he would stop before he found her, if he knew she was inside. She leaned back and hit her head on the wall. This was just going to be a brilliant night.

Realizing there was nothing for her to gain from worrying she lay down and went to sleep.

She woke up to the face of the boy staring at her from above. She jumped and hit her head again on the wall. The boy had scuttled backward and Alexis rubbed her head.

"What were you doing?" she asked.

The boy looked down ashamed and answered, "You look like me; I was just curious."

Alexis sighed, "I better be going. If you don't mind I'll be back later tonight. I need to see the situation of your world."

The boy nodded and led Alexis to the door.

"My name is Seitse," he paused, "I though you might like to know."

Alexis nodded and left. Outside she turned to look around her. The leaves around the small village were in dissaray but the village was safe. She wondered what it meant for the forests. She walked slowly through the village towards the forest and stopped at the edge. Energy radiated around the area, bad energy.

She pulled out her wand and started walking. The leaves crushed under her feet and she could feel spirits around her. She walked deeper and deeper into the woods cautiously. The trees grew denser as she went and green light filtered through the branches.

Then suddenly the light grew grim. Ahead of her the came a spider 10 times the height of a human. The spider crashed through the trees; it's beady black eyes stared down at her from above. Alexis stood transfixed as the spider kept coming closer. It loomed closer and closer until she was trapped.

As she was trapped a boy jumped out of the trees. His lean body flew through the air and hit her square in the side. She was thrown to the ground just as the spiders pincers came down. She gasped looking at the spider's pincers stabbing into the ground where she had just stood. She looked at the boy who had tackled her; it was Sietse. He had saved her life.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Welcome to the new world in the Spiral, Zecta! It has newly been discovered by Alexis Deathflower, a student in Wizard City. We join the founder and hero in saving this new world. Come join me!

The beginning

The night was stormy as Alexis stepped out of the eve of the nearest house. Half of her was soaked and the other half had been sheltered. She looked around in the gloom and turned to back to the lightning filled sky. This was the weather liked by evil itself and she knew it was coming. She hadn't taken the time to get back to Wizard City and tell the others; this was her fight now. She almost jumped as thunder cracked around her and outlined in the lightning filled sky was the figure of Malistaire.

His head was held high as if he knew he was invincible. He had more power than any other and wizards and witches alike shook in their shoes when even his name came up. The only safe place was Wizard City and then even there wasn't as safe as it once was.

Alexis gasped and ran back under the shelter of the eve. This was no night to be out and certainly it must be a night of evil spirits. She turned and knocked desperately on the grass covered doors as rain poured down her back. She knocked and knocked but it was the dead of night and nobody was awake. Then one came to her rescue.

The light turned on her heart gave a leap! This was her savior, and she knew that if it weren't for the person inside she would be done for. They came slowly to the door, obviously not understanding her predicament. She was about to smash open the door herself with a scarecrow when the person inside finally opened.

The creature inside was nothing like she'd seen before. He looked human like her but was still dressed in the clothes of these fairies. He had wings he had made out of branches and he smiled and yawned at her. But it was no time for her to have the politeness and formality she usually had. She pushed inside and quickly shut the door behind her. She sent a quick prayer up to whatever god had given her this gift and looked at the boy again.

He had realized their similarity by now and stood gawking at her. Great this was going to be brilliant. She turned to him fully and stood to her full height which was still a few inches smaller than him.

"Thank you for your assitance," she said to him, trying to put as much authority as she could into it.

"What... what are you? You look just like me!" The boy asked, he looked about to burst with happiness.

Alexis sucked in her breath and blurted out before she could think, "I'm a witch from Wizard City and your world is in trouble. I need your help."